Fused Glass Coasters

Item #6251

Set of 4

4” square

Anna Louise Curnes, dubbed Anna Lou by her mother early on, is a Dallas-bred, Dallas and Chicago-based artist with a true love for all things Southern.

What Anna loves most about her fused work is that she can take broken, shattered pieces of glass and create something beautiful, far more beautiful than they ever were individually before the break. What she loves most about her hot glass work is that, after intensely refining heat, she both instructs the glass and listens to it as she molds it and works with the fluidity of it’s very nature to create something fresh and free.

When she combines these two forms, it still blows Anna’s mind. To her, it’s life; it’s grief; it’s God; it’s an amazing, wonderful way to take all the emotion and turmoil and broken bits of life and turn it into all the beauty that hope embodies! It’s God at work in her, and through her, and she loves it.